About Us

About the Library

As one of the largest academic research libraries in Canada, UBC Library is an institution of provincial, national and international importance. UBC Library’s reputation is founded on outstanding information resources and services, cutting-edge technology, and creative innovations. The Library supports excellence in teaching, learning and research across UBC’s many departments and faculties, and is an invaluable resource to UBC as a whole.

About Library Development

The UBC Library Development Office helps the library grow and evolve in a world where technology changes the way we access information at a rapid rate. In this digital age, it has become increasingly important to acquire new technologies, but also to preserve the print materials libraries are known for. Library Development is helping to catapult the Library into the 21st Century through funding projects including subscriptions to critical e-resources, digitization of special collections for online access and renovating branches from the Woodward Library to the Asian Library. Equally important, Library Development supports the acquisition of rare materials and special collections, and honors the print book through maintaining funds such as the Basil Stuart Stubbs Prize for Outstanding Scholarly Book on British Columbia.

UBC Library’s legacy is fostered by the generous and spirited support from our community of donors. To learn how you can make a difference, please visit our Giving section.