Make a Difference

Thank you for your interest in making a difference by giving to UBC Library.

Make a difference to UBC Library by giving to a fund that matters to you. The digital revolution has dramatically changed the way we look for, create and share information. Today, the Library plays a key role as a global information broker. It provides access to a myriad of electronic resources and stewards outstanding print collections for the benefit of future generations. Whether you are a bibliophile or a technology guru, there’s a way for you to contribute to learning at UBC in a traditional, technological, or subject-focused way.

If your interest lies in funding Library projects with the greatest need, visit our Priority Projects page.


Preservation & Access

A library is a treasury of collective memory and a storehouse for our heritage and history. In a world where information is “born digital” and ever-changing, innovative and attentive preservation is key to protecting our history for future generations. UBC Library staff mend the torn pages of 15th-century Spanish chant manuscripts, bind the cracked, brittle covers of Victorian novels, and upgrade outdated videotapes and microfiche to contemporary formats.

If you are interested in Preservation and Access, consider a gift to the UBC Library Technology Endowment.

Collections Enrichment

UBC Library assembles the best resources possible for scholars, students, faculty and the community. Acquisition librarians find, discover, recover and assess rare materials from around the world that benefit UBC Library’s collections and uphold UBC’s reputation as one of the world’s best universities. This fund is used to enrich UBC Library’s collection by providing start-up funding for expensive subscriptions.

If you are interested in Collections Enrichment, consider a gift to the UBC Library Collections Enrichment Fund.

Media and Technology Initiatives

UBC Library is pioneering initiatives in digitization, online reference tools, and provisions for teacher support, as well as seeking relevant electronic content such as e-journals and e-books. UBC Library is expanding media and technology services to meet and exceed the standards of global information services expected of a top-tier research library.

If you are interested in Media and Technology, consider a gift to the UBC Library Technology Endowment.

Transforming Spaces

UBC Library is home to discovery, possibility and learning. Each library branch aims to inspire students, faculty and staff. To satisfy the needs of our users, an ambitious commitment is needed to improve our user spaces by refurbishing certain branches. These renovations reach to the greater community, and enhance and expand our services and spaces.

If you are interested in refurbishing and transforming spaces, please contact us.

Friends of the Library

Whether reading by lamplight in the elegant Chapman Learning Commons at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, or browsing shelves of rare books in the Asian Library, each branch of UBC Library offers a special atmosphere. If you prefer your gift to be directed to a particular area of study, please consider Friends of the Library. Each branch has its own fund, so you can choose the library or collection that interests you most.


For a complete listing of all UBC Library Endowments and Funds, and more information on the funds described here, please visit our Funding Opportunities page.